Members of the Developmental Idealism Studies group include:

Mohammad Jalal Abbasi-Shavazi, University of Tehran

Keera Allendorf, University of Illinois-Champaign Urbana

William Axinn, University of Michigan

Jennifer Barber, University of Michigan

Georgina Binstock, Population Studies Center, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Yih-yan Chen , National Cheng-Chi University, Election Study Center, Taiwan

Mick Cunningham, Western Washington University

Shawn F. Dorius, University of Michigan

Dirgha Ghimire, University of Michigan

Arjan Gjonça, London School of Economics

Wang Guangzhou, Chinese Academy of Social Science

Rukmalie Jayakody, Pennsylvania State University

Julie de Jong, University of Michigan

Tamás Kiss, Romanian Institute for Research on National Minorities

Serap Kavas, Middle East Technical University, Turkey

Qing Lai, University of Michigan

Ron J. Lesthaeghe, Free University of Brussels, Emeritus

Sohair Mehanna, Social Research Center, American University in Cairo

Attila Melegh, Demographic Research Institute, Budapest

Colter Mitchell, Princeton University

Mansoor Moaddel, University of Maryland

Dimiter Philipov, Vienna Institute of Demography

Rachael Pierotti, World Bank

Qiang Ren, Peking University

Jeffrey Swindle, University of Michigan

Arland Thornton, University of Michigan

Hongwei Xu, University of Michigan

Linda Young-DeMarco, University of Michigan

Kathryn Yount, Emory University

Yu Xie, Princeton

Recent Pub

Allendorf, "Conflict and Compatibility? Developmental Idealism and Gendered Differences in Marital Choice." Journal of Marriage and Family

Recent Pub

Thornton, Yount,Young-Demarco, Moaddel. Modernization, World System, and Clash of Civilization Perspectives in Lay Views of the Development- Morality Nexus in the United States and the Middle East. Oxford University Press.

Recent Pub

Yount, Thornton, Young-Demarco, Patel. Lay Accounts of "Modern" and "Traditional" Family in Greater Cairo: A Test of Developmental Models of Family Life. Oxford University Press.

Reading History Sideways

The method of reading history sideways is described and critiqued by Arland Thornton

Video Lecture

Arland Thornton speaks on "Developmental Idealism: The Cultural Foundations of Worldwide Development Programs"

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