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Dimiter Philipov

Ph.D., Demography and Economics, University for National and World Economy, Sofia

Dimiter Philipov works in the Vienna Institute of Demography where he leads a working group on Comparative European Demography. He (and his colleagues in the group) focus mainly on fertility: recent trends in fertility levels, postponement of births, and fertility intentions. Dr. Philipov is particularly interested in analyzing the explanatory power of diverse theoretical approaches to recent fertility and family change in central and eastern Europe. Along with studying the influence of ideational and economic changes, he has investigated the importance of social anomie and social capital on family and demographic behavior. Dr. Philipov has collaborated with Arland Thornton on the application of developmental idealism to the better understanding of the recent drastic fertility and family changes in this part of Europe.


Melegh, Attila, Arland Thornton, Dimiter Philipov, and Linda Young-DeMarco. 2013. "Perceptions of societal developmental hierarchies in Europe and beyond: A Bulgarian Perspective." European Sociological Review, 29(3): 603-615.

Thornton, Arland, and Dimiter Philipov. 2009. "Sweeping Changes in Marriage, Cohabitation and Childbearing in Central and Eastern Europe: New Insights from the Developmental Idealism Framework." European Journal of Population, 25: 123-156. PDF.

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