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Sohair Mehanna

Sohair Mehanna is a Research Associate at the Social Research Center at American University in Cairo. She has over 35 years of experience in conducting research throughout Egypt as well as working with different groups at national, governorate and village levels. As part of her work with the Social Research Center, she has supervised research activities in the field on a variety of projects. Her responsibilities included identifying, recruiting and training field staff to carry out research activities of different types. In addition, she has worked with local governors and village level officials to mobilize local resources and stimulate local support and involvement in research and other project activities.

As a researcher she has worked extensively with the full range of quantitative and qualitative field research methods ranging from representative national surveys to village level ethnographic studies, participatory research and evaluation. Her areas of specialization are: design and implementation of surveys; design and implementation of qualitative research including focus groups, case studies and in-depth interviewing.

The projects concerning family and children in which she has participated include: The Impact of Family Planning in Women’s Lives, Working Family Nexus in Egypt, Myth and Ritual in working Families in Egypt, Participatory Assessment Tools to Research Violence Against Children and Child Protection in Egypt.

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