Measuring Developmental Idealism in Family Life (Albania)

Arjan Gjonca, P.I.

This dataset contains a complete fertility history, and values and norms from women ages 15-64 in 1200 households, plus developmental idealism measures from both women and men living in those same households. The sample is a subset of a 5000 household UNICEF survey; household level information, individual household member information, and child-specific measures were also collected and are available for each respondent interviewed in the sample subset.

Recent Pub

Kavas & Thornton. "Developmental Idealism and Beliefs About Marriage and Fertility in Turkey," in Population Research and Policy Review.

Recent Pub

Thornton, Dorius, Swindle, Young-Demarco, Moaddel. "Middle Eastern Beliefs about the Causal Linkages of Development to Freedom, Democracy, and Human Rights." Sociology of Development.

Recent Pub

Kiss, Tamás. "Escaping the "Balkanizing" Gaze? Perceptions of Global and Internal Developmental Hierarchies in Romania." East European Politics and Societies.

Reading History Sideways

The method of reading history sideways is described and critiqued by Arland Thornton

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