Measuring Developmental Idealism in Family Life (Albania)

Arjan Gjonca, P.I.

This dataset contains a complete fertility history, and values and norms from women ages 15-64 in 1200 households, plus developmental idealism measures from both women and men living in those same households. The sample is a subset of a 5000 household UNICEF survey; household level information, individual household member information, and child-specific measures were also collected and are available for each respondent interviewed in the sample subset.

Recent Pub

Kavas & Thornton. "Developmental Idealism and Beliefs About Marriage and Fertility in Turkey," in Population Research and Policy Review.

Recent Pub

Allendorf, Thornton, Mitchell, and Young-Demarco. "The Influence of Developmental Idealism on Marital Attitudes, Expectations, and Timing." Journal of Family Issues.

Recent Pub

Allendorf, Keera. "Parents' Valuation of Approving a Child's Spouse in a Context of Marital Change." Journal of Family Issues.

Reading History Sideways

The method of reading history sideways is described and critiqued by Arland Thornton

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