Attila Melegh

Attila Melegh

Ph.D. in History, University of Debrecen, Hungary
Ph.D. scholarship, Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research
BA in Sociology and BA in Economics, Budapest University of Economics

Attila Melegh is senior researcher at Demographic Research Institute, Budapest and lecturer at Corvinus University of Budapest. He also lectures in a teaching excellence program in Russia and has done so before in Russia and Georgia. His current research covers comparative demographic attitudes, discourses, demographic structures, international migration and global social change. He contributed to and led various international projects, both European and global, as participant, work package leader as well as project coordinator. He has published extensively internationally as well. He is a member of a large number of local and global professional groups and networks.

Curriculum Vitae

Recent Monographs, books

Melegh, Attila (2006). On the East/West Slope. Globalization, Nationalism, Racism and Discourses on Central and Eastern Europe. Budapest, CEU Press.

Melegh Attila (2001). The Population History of Kiskunhalas from the 17th century till the early 20th century, Budapest KSH NKI.

Articles & Chapters

Melegh, Attila, Tamás Kiss, Sabina Csánóová, Linda Young-DeMarco, and Arland Thornton. 2016. "The perception of global hierarchies: South-Eastern European patterns in comparative perspectives." Chinese Journal of Sociology, 2(4): 497-523.

Melegh, Attila, Arland Thornton, Dimiter Philipov, and Linda Young-DeMarco. 2013. "Perceptions of societal developmental hierarchies in Europe and beyond: A Bulgarian Perspective." European Sociological Review, 29(3): 603-615.

Melegh, Attila. 2012. "Net Migration and Historical Development in Southeastern Europe since 1950*." Hungarian Historical Review, 1(3-4): 415-453.

Thornton, Arland, Georgina Binstock, Mohammad Jalal Abbasi-Shavazi, Dirgha Ghimire, Arjan Gjonca, Attila Melegh, Colter Mitchell, Mansoor Moaddel, Yu Xie, Li-Shou Yang, Linda Young-DeMarco, and Kathryn Yount. 2012. "Knowledge and Beliefs about National Development and Developmental Hierarchies: the Viewpoints of Ordinary People in Thirteen Countries." Social Science Research, 41(5): 1053-1068.

Recent Pub

Allendorf, "Conflict and Compatibility? Developmental Idealism and Gendered Differences in Marital Choice." Journal of Marriage and Family

Recent Pub

Thornton, Yount,Young-Demarco, Moaddel. Modernization, World System, and Clash of Civilization Perspectives in Lay Views of the Development- Morality Nexus in the United States and the Middle East. Oxford University Press.

Recent Pub

Yount, Thornton, Young-Demarco, Patel. Lay Accounts of "Modern" and "Traditional" Family in Greater Cairo: A Test of Developmental Models of Family Life. Oxford University Press.

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