Hongwei Xu

Hongwei Xu

Ph.D., Brown University, 2012
M.A., Brown University, 2007
B.A., Peking University, 2003

Dr. Hongwei Xu is a research assistant professor in the Survey Research Center at the University of Michigan. He has employed the developmental idealism framework to examine the impact of body weight and shape on marriage entry in post-reform China. His current project seeks to develop a new behavioral measure of culture and apply the new measure to examine cultural influences on demographic and health outcomes. His other research interests include population health disparities and spatial demography.

Curriculum Vitae

Research Profile at the Population Studies Center

Articles & Chapters

Xu, Hongwei. 2016. "Developmental Idealism, Body Weight and Shape, and Marriage Entry in Transitional China." Chinese Journal of Sociology, 2(2): 235-258.

Recent Pub

Allendorf, "Conflict and Compatibility? Developmental Idealism and Gendered Differences in Marital Choice." Journal of Marriage and Family

Recent Pub

Thornton, Dorius, Swindle, Young-Demarco, Moaddel. "Middle Eastern Beliefs about the Causal Linkages of Development to Freedom, Democracy, and Human Rights." Sociology of Development.

Recent Pub

Kiss, Tamás. "Escaping the "Balkanizing" Gaze? Perceptions of Global and Internal Developmental Hierarchies in Romania." East European Politics and Societies.

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