Images from UAE: United Arab Emirates

Burj al-Arab Hotel, Dubai
Burj al-Arab Hotel, Dubai. This hotel was designed to resemble the graceful sails of an Arabian dhow. It rises to a height of 321 meters and is located near Dubai City in the United Arab Emirates.
Holiday tree, Dubai, January 2010
Holiday tree, Dubai, January 2010. Located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Fatburger, Dubai
Fatburger, Dubai. Located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Inside view at Fatburger, Dubai
Inside view at Fatburger, Dubai. Located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Burj Khalifa, Dubai (world's tallest building)
Burj Khalifa, Dubai. This tower is located in Dubai City in the United Arab Emirates. It was finished in 2010 and is the world's tallest building at 2717 feet. The world's next tallest building is 1667 feet.

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