Iraqi Values and Beliefs

Mansoor Moaddel, P.I.

This developmental idealism project is a component of a larger project on Iraqi attitudes by Dr. Mansoor Moaddel. The project has administered two surveys to the Iraqi general population: the first in 2004 and the second in 2006. The survey questionnaire addressed a variety of issues, including attitudes about developmental idealism, attitudes toward important sociopolitical, gender, and religious issues; attitudes toward religious fundamentalism and political violence; and the respondents' backgrounds and social attributes. Future analyses will focus on understanding possible determinants for the endorsement and rejection of various western values. Potential determinants include attitudes toward democracy, love as the basis for marriage, privatization, and individual responsibility, media exposure, fatalistic attitudes, and demographic attributes.

Project Documentation:

Recent Pub

Allendorf. Schemas of Marital Change: From Arranged Marriages to Eloping for Love. Journal of Marriage and Family.

Recent Pub

Thornton, Pierotti, Young-DeMarco, Watkins. Developmental Idealism and Cultural Models of the Family in Malawi. Population Research and Policy Review.

Reading History Sideways

The method of reading history sideways is described and critiqued by Arland Thornton

Recent Pub

Binstock, Thornton, Abbasi-Shavazi, Ghimire, Xie, Yount. Influences on the knowledge and beliefs of ordinary people about developmental hierarchies. International Journal of Comparative Sociology.

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